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What a disappointment. 1. Ordered a plain naan. Instead, we got a cheesy naan with what looked like chicken tikka on top. It wasn’t very hot. 2. The balti bore no resemblance to any balti either of us had eaten. Over salty and bland. The meat at least was tender. 3. The prawn pathia was dreadful. It smelt slightly odd and the prawns didn’t taste very nice at all - it smelt as though the prawns were off. Again - not remotely like a pathia. 4. The rice was extremely salty and also over cooked. The meal did arrive on time and the driver was friendly but other than that, a total waste of money.
placed by Imogen Padfield on the 11th December 2017


Always a good curry from masala lounge!
placed by David Allan on the 30th December 2016

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